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Tip You may cheap car rental scam

&Nbsp;     low price car rental scam inexplicable failures have been required to pay deposit compensation. Keep worth a few older machines, once again, you realize "there is no free dinner in" the true meaning of this quote.  Through this type of trap is very simple, you only need to remember the following formula: preferential price make you overjoyed + harsh conditions (such as high margin) + very vague responsibility = trap.

      at present, is the car rental industry's booming stage, car rental service, car rental, Shijiazhuang has a large circulation, audience, a wide range of car rental ads in the newspaper many, from many types of ads you'll be attracted to some highlights: cheaper than the average 30%. Any a business units, impossible not to profit for purpose engaged in business activities, although most non-professional people cannot determine car rental business units reasonable profit Xia of rent standard, but can think in normal market mechanism of role Xia, car rental of price will formed a everyone recognized of reasonable standard, most car rental enterprise of rent will this standard of must range within upper and lower floating, like General Santana months rent of normal price should in 4500 Yuan to 4000 Yuan Zhijian. If you can let go of nearly 30% the just profit, to be sure, it must be some other figure. Enough rental to make your heart will let you, but when the rental formalities when the encounter call your frown problem: you need to pay 50000 Yuan risk deposit. Remember, that'll be 50000 RMB and called risk deposit rather than the margin. Generally speaking, car rental customers prepaid deposit is used to pay customers caused by use of vehicle damage repair costs and terms liquidated damages for breach of contract, in most cases customers will get their election deposits back car. Ordinary Santana these mid-range car is 10000 Yuan, Audi, Buick luxury cars but 30000 Yuan. Why pay so much money, why do they call risk deposit? This is the intriguing purpose behind the cheap rent.

       low price car rental contracts entered into by then what was it? Number of individual leasing companies to determine their rights and obligations and liability for breach of the terms of the contract number, a total of no more than 140 characters, it seems, how to interpret car rental according to the contract the parties rights and responsibilities has a very deep knowledge. Here is excerpt from the contract provisions, for all common analysis:

       rights and obligations of the lessor and liability:

      1. ……  Insurance agent, annual inspections, maintenance fees and all other formalities. The meaning of "agent"? Agent is I can do for you, therefore the lessor shall assume the "insurance, inspection, maintenance fees and all" formally and unambiguously transferring costs to contract customers.  Even more frightening is your rental car is not insured, if you have an accident, you will suffer a huge loss and lack of access to legal support.

      2.  If customers breach or damage to vehicles and so on, is entitled to terminate the contract, demanding customers for damages, and depending on the seriousness of net risk deposit. "Damaged vehicle" seem to be able to understand, because the car here, "default" just don't know what to talk about, only more than 100 words why the "Covenant", so obscure, that is, for "... ... Depending on the seriousness of deducting the risk deposit "lay the foreshadowing. The most notable was "depending on the seriousness of the" who "as"? Is, of course, the lessor, which wield absolute power over contracts signed by you gave each other. "Seriousness" and what is "light" of what "heavy"? Only by "as" in charge.  When you return the car, the fines, then repairs your risk deposit such as a sheep to the Lions, lose everything.

       lessee's rights, obligations and liability for breach of: traffic accidents and vehicles transferred to a third party lessee will take the full responsibility. In the lessee's rights, obligations and liability for breach of the terms of, and in fact did not reflect customers any right, is this not sure if counts as terms of the obligation or liability, put customers into the end position. If you sign up, a bait in front of your eyes, traps at your feet  

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