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Standardization can reduce the number of dangerous

&Nbsp;      holiday outdoor accidents occur frequently, highlighted China's current lack of norms in the field of outdoor systems and rescue systems. &Nbsp;

present conditions, rules and regulations of the reasonableness and completeness of the rescue system also needs a long way to go, but we can't because they cannot not go out is clearly a joke.  



we're going to mix, how to complete the trip, mainly the following points: first, respect objective laws, understanding personal health condition, weather condition, familiar with geographical features, and so on; the second, you need to understand and respect local customs, not to force; and, third, understanding the relevant laws and regulations as well as local policies, rules and regulations.

since the recent period of time, "Batang" Alice in succession, the vast majority of people expressed outrage. If we encounter such a thing again, is the sensible compromise, or choose another way?

in addition, some team or individual travel in the quiet, others do not know where to go. Our country is vast, in many places there is no mobile phone signal, in the event of danger, for others to find you. If you go climbing, the best hiking in the local associations to register again, you may think that there is no need, but you have to let people know.

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