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Self drive holiday list of must-have items

Most friends must have figured well with cars during the summer to take a child to a corrupt tour. So what do all the preparation before their departure, here we give a list can be used as a reference before you choose to buy. &Nbsp and


-tents: it is essential for camping equipment. Tents are divided into double accounts, single account. Double hidden waterproof coating layer to prevent water infiltration into the accounts. Single accounts at the top has only a small piece of tarpaulin, breathable performance, suitable for used rains and warm weather. "11" holiday recommended Double Bill. Double ledger of ledger rods and fiberglass rod and aluminum rods. First affordable, suitable for middle income families. The latter strength, light weight, and prices were higher. Accounts the presence of PU and PE at the end of end of end of PU fabric is thin, but good waterproof and lightweight. End of PE are relatively heavy and it's not folding, folding many times or in cold cases prone to cracking caused by bottom of the tent leaks. PU accounts plus aluminum pole tent at the end of more than 1000 Yuan, PE with glass fiber reinforced plastic rods tent at the end of hundreds of Yuan is enough.

-moisture products: inflatable mat can be moisture-proof, soft and comfortable mattress can be done using. There is a without end of inflatable seats, Budd-Chiari waterproofing material beef tendons, can also play a role in moisture-proof, but comfort than mat. It can also serve as picnic blanket, the price is cheaper, around 70 Yuan.

-sleeping bag: corruption in pursuit of comfortable tour is generally used "envelope style sleeping bag." It like envelopes can be fully opened and the same width, sleeping than mountaineering "Mummy sleeping bag" is much more comfortable. Sleeping bag embroidered with temperature scales. Two numbers are the limit number of cold cases using the hottest, you just take the middle number, which represents the most comfortable temperature. This time, select scale 0 degree sleeping bag warmer, prices in one hundred or two hundred Yuan to hundreds of Yuan.

-folding tables and chairs: tents are wild, and folding tables and chairs is the field of furniture, take it don't always remained in the car. Tables and chairs to stores, supermarkets, small commodity wholesale market can get, but those things from the outside can not see quality, it is recommended that you to shops, supermarket, store, tables and chairs the strength of aluminum alloy, and accessories such as cloth, rope, etc will have the guarantee of quality and strength.

-stoves, cookers: If you want to picnic in the countryside, don't forget to pack stoves and cookers, enjoy the taste of a wild fire. Two burner gas and gasoline. Gas furnace is cute like a work of art, burning is the octane gas, a can of gas in 20 or 30 yuan, can cook it for 4 hours in a row, three of them eat hot pot fire no problem. Gas furnace to different sizes, prices in the hundreds. Gas furnaces use more convenient, local materials, take the oil can burn from the car. Cooking facilities in accordance with the material (aluminum, stainless steel), origin (domestic and imported), size (2-3, standard, 4-5, 6-7, and so on) the prices are different. Cheap more than 100 more expensive then to more than 400. With them, you can in the wild fish soup and the rice, stir fry.

-storage equipment: of course you can take mineral water on in the car, but there is a plastic water bottle with a straw can be fixed on the roof, so you don't have to do it to drink the water. If you drive a SUV, having a professional, then the bike rally athletes, a coach's equipment more suitable for you. Once you leave the car can also take back a return to basics Moose water bag, holds 2 liters of water, carrying a very convenient. But note that skin bladders do not install the beverage, juice, which will corrode the water SAC inside and easy to clean, and do not install the water will taste.

-lighting: If the team outing, fluorescent lamp brightness is enough to act as public street lamps, 10 people a lamp will be enough. It can also serve as a guiding light, go out to draw water, players according to light's direction to go back to the camp. A fluorescent lamp with 4 first battery, continuously for 40 hours and cost about 400 Yuan. Individuals, acting independently, you should bring the head lamp or flashlight for lighting, headlights can free your hands, more convenient than a flashlight.

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washboard-folding shovel and plastic: If the car Unfortunately wallowing on the way, folding shovels and plastic washboard was put to great use. Folding spade shovel the mud still doesn't work, then underground washboard pads in plastic wheel, the car can easily pour out.

-static rope: this is also a kind of trailer equipment. Car sank into the pit, inelastic static line can also be used to provide traction, it is much lighter than steel cable, many bearing, the rope diameter 10MM 1.5 ton, 12mm can weigh 1.7-2.3 tons. Cords per meter price in more than 10 Yuan, buy only enough to buy at least 10 meters when the rope.

-u-shaped pillow: long neck fatigue driving, u-shaped pillows to help you overcome this problem. It is inflatable, fold up when not in use and take up less space.

buckets-compression: this is a very light weight plastic products is made durable, fold up small, open but can hold 7 liters of water. If the car cooler overheating, can use it to repair water in the wild, or pure water as water storage device installed.

top-mount package or car: with so many holiday items above, car trunk space, probably not enough. These pieces can be loaded with two bags, tied with fixed to the roof, to the campsite also makes it easy to quickly transfer from the car. Mount Kit by DuPont fabric, a hardwearing, single and double shoulder two straps are very thin, not suitable for long-distance transport. Price of 300 yuan. Car top usage, load the same, except that it and the roof of a perfect match, and more luxurious.

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