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How to remove the transmission to jump failure

&Nbsp;    transmission jumping refers to the driving gear lever automatically jumps back to the neutral position, this phenomenon occurs in medium and high speed, sudden changes in load or when cars are subject to violent vibration, most of whom are in the high jump. Then, the transmission jumps: what are the reasons? How to eliminate such breakdowns? With this question we ask experts, experts told us the reasons for the failures and the ways to solve it.  

transmission jumps cause of failure:

l, gear, gear or bevel gear worn Synchronizer, formed along the length direction shape, mesh, it produces an axial thrust, and Fluttering in the work, inertial effects of speed change, forcing the meshing of the gear to disengage along an axis.

2, speed deformation, worn, loose screws or deformation of gear lever, gear is not engaging properly.

3, locking devices and wear loose desert, inadequate or broken spring, resulting in insufficient locking force, gear shift fork shaft cannot be reliably positioned.

4, shaft and bearing wear, axial clearance is too large, or the first to second shaft and intermediate shaft not parallel, makes gears not meshing properly and up and down.

5, shaft spline flower with the sliding gear Groove worn.

6, the second shaft spline deformation or excessive spline wear and lock nut loose cause the shafts or gears front and rear movement.

7, Synchronizer pin loosening, Synchronizer pieces or joints has worn tooth length.

fixed 8, transmission is not secure.

transmission slips gear failure of judgment and exclusion:

transmission jumps l, if, to shift lever changes the file, and then remove the transmission cover gear, meshing well, check the gear shift fork shaft lock bodies.

2, pushed by hand jump gear selector fork check positioning devices, such as malnutrition, to remove gear shift fork shaft positioning ball and spring, such as spring too soft or broken should be replaced, such as the gear shift fork shaft grooves worn should be repaired or replaced.

3, and check gear of meshing situation, as gear not completely meshing, on with hand promoted jumped document of gear or tooth sets, makes they right meshing, then check speed fork whether bent or wear excessive, and speed fork fixed screws whether loose, fork end and gear voted slot clearance whether had big, as speed fork bent should correction, speed fork bottom wear or sliding gear slot excessive pine open Shi should split Xia repair.

4, if the speed is good, or can correct meshing of the gear, you want to check if the gear is worn cone-shaped, such as wear should be replaced.

5, check the wear of the bearings and shaft, shaft wear, bearing pine open or when shifting axis along the axial movement, maintenance should be removed or replaced.

6, check the work of Synchronizer, if there is fault should be repaired or replaced.

7, check the transmission mounting bolts, loose solid.  

expert solution, when we encounter this failure to be aware of, and the fault eliminated, making your travel more secure.

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