Car sense

How to choose their own models when car rental?

&Nbsp;     1, car as heavy as possible oil  

from a fuel standpoint, proportional to the vehicle weight and fuel consumption, weight cars more fuel, using a relatively poor economy. Small weight of the vehicle increases by 40 kg more fuel consumption 1%. But since major auto with sharp turns and the advantages of better stability under braking conditions, prone to "floating serves" phenomenon.  

2,   the pros and cons of different driving modes;

according to power drive way, car can is divided into "four round drive", "engine Qian reset, and rear axle drive", "engine Qian reset, and Qian bridge drive", "engine Hou reset, and rear axle drive" four species:    four round drive way main with in some SUV Shang, advantages makes before and after round are has drive force, traction big, through sex strong, adhesion big, stability good, body and drive system of plate than car thick, and   safety high, for off-road. But the disadvantage is weight and poor fuel economy.   Engine front, rear axle-driven approach is mainly used in some middle and senior cars, advantage is that the load on the bearing capacity of the bridge before and after basic, strong power, pull, when the ramp, dirt roads and bumpy roads, power, preventing the rear wheel side slip and stability is superior to the "front-front drive" car. But the drawback is the drive shaft back to the rear axle, resulting in raised the floor, several separate assemblies arranged, occupy more space, it is difficult to give the car a small.   Engine front, front axle-driven approach is mainly used in small and medium sized cars, advantage is a drive shaft, floor flat, compact drive system, weight, floor lower, down the center of gravity. But the downside is the uphill weight backward, front axle load, does not produce enough traction, front axle weight on a slippery road and does not produce enough traction; downhill front axle overload, especially in downhill brake front axle load further. This model should not be on and off the slopes more mountains.   Rear engine, rear-drive mode is mainly used in the micro-car, the advantage is a drive shaft, adhesion, traction, less wheelbase, no exhaust pipe under the floor, engine emissions, noise will not pollute the Interior. But the downside is the rear axle load, turn easy to slip, control systems are too long and complex structure, cooling system, trunk is too small.  

3, automatic auto save does not save money  

Automatic (also known as the automatic transmission) is equipped with an automatic control device, driving in the stalls can be adjusted automatically according to the speed, manual operation, saving you a lot of shifting and stepping stepping on clutch work. Its downside is expensive, high maintenance costs, and oil than to use a manual fare, because the power transmission automatic transmission is done through the hydraulic, will cause loss of power at work. Especially at low speeds or when you stop-and-go traffic, but will also increase fuel consumption.  

4 choose radial tire car Assembly  

vehicles equipped with radial tires and tire compared to abrasion resistance can increase the 50%~100%, lower the rolling resistance 20%~30% and fuel 6%~8%.  

5 choose aluminum alloy wheels car  

current price of aluminum alloy wheels steel wheels about two or three times, but the benefits of its use is also much higher than steel wheels:  

(1) light weight, fuel;  

(2) thermal performance, and increased tire life;  

(3) high roundness, you can improve the accuracy of wheel movement, suitable for high speeds;  

(4) good elasticity, improve vehicle ride and easier to absorb vibration and noise in the campaign;  

(5) 100% and recycling, are environmentally friendly products.  

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