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Emergency high speed cornering skills

&Nbsp;    many people always think their driving skills, or the whole car full of high-tech safety features, brazenly driving a car when the little hero of the streets; however, in the absence of proper driving concept, is very easy to create the dangers of driving, or even know the proper use of safety equipment, thereby killing off the destiny of the depot on driving safety.

whether dynamic high speed cornering, dynamic snakes or emergency braking to avoid, calmly in order to control the direction of the steering wheel in order to ensure vehicle safety, but this is often ignored by motorists.

dynamic high speed turning

in the corners, we always follow the "deceleration, before turning out before bending acceleration" invariant theory, but getting to flick on a four wheel drive vehicle easily turns, unless is the use of skill, there is really not easy! However, if the "rally" against the laws of nature, you can be relaxed and comfortable, but the prerequisite is: skilled.

    in order to achieve the "flip" effect, prior to entry, will leave the gas pedal with the right foot first oil, at which point more's Center of gravity to the front, then quickly turning half a turn the steering wheel, feeling the rear shift, instantly against half a turn of the steering wheel, then slowly revised out of the steering wheel to the correct location. Calm was absolutely necessary, never out of position, or quick turns of the steering wheel fixed bent position, otherwise the body will be unstable. Characteristic of a four-wheel-drive Quattro system, of course, have the wheels in slippery or uneven grip case, to make the best torque distribution, to get the best control and security.

    dynamics of snake avoidance

    under normal circumstances, motorists dodging obstacles on the road, turning the steering wheel is not small, if there are any continuity Dodge, may feel that the vehicle can't handle. The main reason is that when the wheel rotates when the extent, the body will produce the so-called "pendulum effect", with the extent and body swing range was correspondingly increased, as a result, it will reduce the dangers caused by the vehicle stability.

so, right of steering wheel using way, should is turned steering wheel Hou again will of back are (as let car keep in Road Central), back oil and slowly back are to keep body stable, and reduced swing range; but, this must in very calm of State Xia to reached, unfortunately General driving people in met burst status Shi, usually is scurry, even overwhelmed, so to how control good steering wheel, does is a ask, calm is is choice law, do don't slammed turned steering wheel, Otherwise it will only make the car more difficult to manage.

   ABS emergency brake

    every driver knows, when you step on the brake to turn the steering wheel, but the most difficult to detect is that the brake at the same time can be dodged danger; many vehicles today are equipped with ABS (Anti-lockBrakingSystem), anti-lock braking system, braking effect can be pushed to the limit, to maintain traffic safety.

   ABS claim that the Government is fairly common safety features, this innovative technology, mainly to shorten the braking distance in order to achieve the best security, but many drivers don't know how to use this device correctly, often preventing ABS from playing its due role.

    driving people in emergency brake Shi will found, in heavy stepped on brake pedal Hou, are can feel to pedal by biography back of obviously vibration, but car is still straight to towards ahead "hit" to; actually, died lock brake, and prevent vehicles Qian moved this non-ABS came out of intended, because this items technology of right using method, is let driving people in emergency brake Zhiji, still can turned steering wheel to avoided dangerous real.

    Tip: prodromal, RWD and AWD features

    precursor, and Hou drive and four drive for three species vehicles of drive way, with times, and technology and consumption habits of differences, have appeared in car altar in the; but, in market needs of situation Xia, cost high of four round drive system seems to gradually more has up, instead is past of mainstream-Hou round drive, for economic surface and harness sex of considerations gradually exit, front wheel drive car is still for currently of bulk. Three driving modes are there any differences? Most important is open or not, as well as security issues.

poor rear drive vehicle stability

    rear-wheel-drive, as its name suggests is a future vehicle wheel to advance, "push" the body is the best description; this way of driving the vehicle, the body is less stable, particularly when the full crew, this phenomenon was highlighted. Under normal use conditions, rear-wheel-drive vehicles there will be some "Understeering", but when driven in cornering, the rear wheels start to slip, the rear wheels would suddenly without warning into oversteer, which drives the rear wheel suddenly bent lateral deviation, resulting in 180 degrees or greater leeway.

    Fwd manageable

    front wheel drive is is with "traction" of way makes vehicles March, this drive way has stability high of advantages, if drive round occurred skid Shi, Qian drove will occurred steering insufficient of phenomenon, is front to outside deviated from scheduled of route, this can said is compared is natural reaction of situation, at driving people only must moderate received throttle, and and slightly amendment steering wheel, can again recovery control, avoid more big problem occurred. Thanks to high-tech, given that many Fwd electronic assistance systems have been installed, is to make the vehicle more easily manipulate to supplement the inadequacy of security.

    dynamic stability of the Raider's best

    as originally only using in off-road SUV Shang of four round drive system, now also gradually appeared in city sale room car Shang, this system is "traction" and "push sent" parallel, body dynamic of stability in three species drive way in the optimal, due to engine torque through four drive system average distribution Yu before and after axle Shang, regardless of is added deceleration or load, by produced of effect are minimum. In harsh words, accelerating or climbing, the Raider was also the best. But the Quattro system is not without its shortcomings, although drivers almost neutral, but still tend to understeer, mainly due to the distribution of torque associated with suspension settings.

principle of vehicle response to road

   1. drag, switch power and the resultant lateral force not more than vehicles permitted range, otherwise the vehicle will spin out of control.

   2. Security ambit of vehicles, will change because of axle load. When the vehicle deceleration, weight is moved to the front axle, front wheel will produce a larger grip; accelerate moves to the rear axle, rear-wheel grip will also increase.

   3. front drive tire slip when losing lateral stability, understeer happens; when the same situation occurs in when driving, will produce oversteer, even spin.

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