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Do not buy a car car rental advantages

car rental companies of  

1, vehicle maintenance and management advantages of------ 

agent-related formalities, and the payment of tax and insurance  

rental vehicles must go through and the payment of taxes and insurance, is available to the car rental companies.  

reducing the trouble of arrangements for inspection, repair  

maintenance arrangements, to be made when spent on contact arrangements, arrange schedule car maintenance charges, repair workshops and coordination prepares tax instructions, can be used by car rental companies.  

reduced in case of trouble in dealing with incidents  

in case of accident, swift and decisive response is needed and for processing. These troubles by car rental companies. From claims for insurance formalities to vehicle repair, agency arrangements for implementing agent to the insurance company to negotiate claims for insurance formalities, arrange vehicle repair workshops, coordinating schedules, and so on.  

2, accounting, financial strength------ 

no more one-off large payments burden  

don't need to lump-sum payments such as car costs a large sum of money.  

rental cars for a long time as long as the monthly payment of a long-term lease, provided conditions for effective cooperation between the funds.  

with   and 100% the same effect;

long-term car rentals are not needed when raising funds for purchase "binding deposit" and therefore have the same effect and the receiving bank loans 100%.  

guaranteed external credit  

buying vehicles will naturally result in fixed assets increased, borrowing increases, the proportion of liquid assets decline on the face of the financial deterioration phenomena. Long-term car rentals are not included in the assets, thereby guaranteeing that the credit.  

facilitate the necessary rental fees in full  

long-term rental fees on financial accounts included in the management fee expenses. Purchase fees, taxes, insurance, maintenance and other costs can all be used as monthly unchanged long-term lease fees necessary for processing.  

  facilitate the development of business plans and budgets;

maintenance of long-term lease because it contains "long-term lease fees + car + fees" so easy to develop business plans and budgets, and drive employee cost awareness.  

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