Wuhan is now "shanzhai 4S store" maintenance "fix" bad car

&Nbsp;   "in July 2010, I in Hubei Tri-ring e SAIC authorized automobile 4S shop purchased a roewe 550, has been doing in the 4S shop maintenance. 4S store in East Lake high-tech East Road, my family lived in South Lake, far enough, I heard about a roewe repair shop near South Lake, thinking the nearest maintenance! Last December, I was near Ryan Street a "nominal" roewe repair shop maintenance  , spent 1000 Yuan. A few days later, I suddenly found the engine leak, repair back to the shop, they said vehicle quality problems, even without driving to Hubei Tri-ring e auto 4S shop, blocking the gate claimed.


     However, the 4S shop says, South Lake store was not SAIC authorized special repair service center, according to the relevant provisions of SAIC, during the warranty period, vehicles not authorized special repair service center maintenance, vehicle problems, are not compensable. ”


     yesterday, complained to the newspaper owners built, when it comes to his maintenance experience, he does not come.




     Inn South Lake:


     admits that he is the cottage shop


     yesterday, the reporters came to Nanhu 4S shop near Ryan Street, the store stood huge "roewe, mg professional after-sales service centre" signs, there was the roewe, mg models.


     reporter roewe owner identity consultation, reception staff said this was the roewe repair centers, all roewe car accessories, prices work also hangs on the wall. Maintenance add oil as an example, the full price of 200 Yuan, different oil products, up to 600 Yuan.


     after a reporter asked an official acknowledged that here are not authorized the 4S shops, he was come from 4S shops move opened the shop, if things go wrong, still had to get 4S shop.


     regular shop:


     door has a licensing authority


     subsequently, the journalist Hubei Tri-ring sea automobile head of OSA.


     he says this vehicle maintenance engine oil leakage, shock absorber oil leakage, probably used poor-quality oil, previous owners cottage 4S shop was also pits. In fact, Wuhan has many of these store exterior mimicking formal 4S shop, play professional after sale signs, verbal claims is 4S shop Division. ' Shanzhai 4S shop ' in order to Dodge responsibility, tried, but ran to the 4S shop with maintenance workers and owners to claim. In fact, to distinguish regular 4S shop is also very simple. First of all, in the brand's official website, authorized the 4S shop address and telephone number. Secondly, the formal 4S shops in front of the shop marked "authorized sales and service center", "special repair service center", hanging out in the shop factory authorized.


     business sector:


     "copy shop" being investigated


     at present, the city's second-level auto 4S shop has more than 130 branches, some repair shops, particularly in the decoration imitates 4S shops.


     in February this year, the city's industry and Commerce departments have investigated and dealt with some "shanzhai 4S store". Hu informed the Bureau of industry and Commerce: in Valley Road Valley is yufeng homes across a floor, International Center "Rui Shi yufeng auto Services Ltd in Wuhan" not confirmed "Dongfeng Peugeot franchise service providers."


     on the store public signs said "Peugeot franchise service provider", the layout of the store and the 4S shop service center similar to, set up reception room, lounge, maintenance workshop and spare parts store, accessories and auto parts market around purchase of.




     into the factory to check maintenance contract


     factory to get factory certification


    , Canal maintenance Office Director Wang Jun said yesterday in an interview, repair the car owners must pay "into the factory sign the contract, factory certificate."


     at present, motor vehicle repair industry, Wuhan more than 1600, however, auto warranty law is still not been introduced, under repair, owners faced claims of proof of identification difficult, technically, my lack of third-party testing organizations.


     Wang Jun said the complaint shall be submitted for maintenance quality dispute resolution applications, maintenance contracts, maintenance completed factory certification, statement and invoice, and so on, and certificate to the owner of the contract is the most convincing evidence.


     in accordance with the relevant provisions, on the use of fake spare parts repair vehicle maintenance enterprises will be fined 20,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan fine; false or not to issue a motor vehicle repair factory completion certificate was issued maintenance enterprises will be fined 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine, if the circumstances are serious, revoke its business license.

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