Thoughts from the pile-up: drive cautiously stepped on five minefields

&Nbsp;  special traffic accidents this year, from new year's day to now, happened one after another traffic accident makes people sigh. The most sensational took place in Shanghai, BYD, a drunk driving crash after escaping a taxi, taxi drivers block it, and get out lie on the BYD hood, trying to keep it away, but BYD driver feet on the accelerator to be thrown out; then continue escaping BYD's car crashed into a traffic light QQ and Kia two vehicles, causing QQ car burst into flames. The accident resulted in three deaths. The dead are gone, as the living, only sitting on the sidelines is not enough, learn from it, and examine ourselves with cognitive errors, is the key. Text/reporter   week Welt

     minefield, chasing the car

     Chase and forced to stop the car and prevented it from leaving, to protect their rights and interests, many owners take for granted practice. Nothing wrong with this approach, only risk factor is too high, the taxi driver died in the accident. Generally speaking, the unashamed accident escape vehicle, but two cases, one is the driver's mind is not clear, such as drunk driving; second, the vehicle has problems, such as deck or fake number plates. Chase will only increase fears of runaway truck drivers, perished, leading to more accidents. Safest approach is to write down the license plate number, then alarm, dealt with by the police. Don't be misled by the Hollywood car chase scene in the movie, not everyone was Schumacher.

     mine, the second, bad driving

     BYD vehicle to bear the main responsibility in the accident, wine was the culprit, drinking the bad. However, the sickly phenomenon not only drink-driving, there are many, for example, fatigue driving, driving after dinner and ill drive. Found bad, don't go on the road; if you are commuting, rather go to subway; if you are away on business, rather than hail a taxi; if you want to travel, preferred high-speed rail. I didn't sleep well last night, but that's alright, drive to drive slowly-the undesirable habit.

     mined area three, unsafe vehicle selection

     cars will only focus on price/performance, fuel consumption and other indicators used to equally undesirable, in the accident, two were unable to escape in time, mainly due to door lock does not open. Indeed, expensive car security configuration, configuring, prices much higher, but at the crucial moment, for help. Car after a collision is not deformed, doors can be opened smoothly, the safety standards are not high, but due to cost considerations, were ignored. So, when the car, not in every detail, not province province of money must not, open your eyes, choose a safe vehicle.

     mined area, onlookers watch

     every time a traffic accident would cause traffic disruption, the culprit is onlookers, passers-by and cars passing by stopped to watch in spite, leading to slow traffic, road fill up, delaying the rescue time. Abroad, experiencing slow traffic, the owners will reduce speed, and consciously make a lane, so rescue vehicles, worth learning from. Driving on the road, the moment fast is not fast, high speed is really fast. Traffic accidents, especially, the best thing to do is queue up, to give emergency lanes, not jumping through the scene of the accident, nor watch.

     mined area five, hit

     careful analysis of traffic accident in nearly two years, will find that they have one thing in common, that is escaping. In recent days, also put on a "crazy car", a hit by a car because it escapes even the eight-car. Escape apparently to escape punishment, such as drunk driving penalties, penalties. Indeed, the people in the political arena, will inevitably be socializing, drinking is inevitable, in the confused drunk driving accident, then the only thing to do is, let cool, then alarm, is pending. Escape is not a solution, only doubly wrong, might as well openly admit.

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