Speak out Chen played China auto rental risk

historically, China auto rental industry has a lot of influence today, with its spokesman plans to launch, China auto rental greatly again stole the show. However, people of China auto rental this very high profile move, was mixed.

On February 16, China auto rental release voice plan, announced by Zhang fengyi and Chen were the China auto rental business and leisure product spokesman. Although the spokesman said plans to release for some time, but anecdotal discussions still hot.

hired Zhang fengyi endorsement that most people recognize. This is mainly due to his tough guy image and personality of the intellectual elegance widely popular, a series of screen image focus. In a Word, healthy image.

Also is the reason for the image, Chen's "Le = rent! "Endorsements happiness index is not high. The reason is obvious, known as "pornographic" opened, overnight, Chen from a well-known entertainer, transforms into a famous body show photographer, image has plummeted, not only star dust, endorsements are also lost. Has reported that "pornographic" after Chen was signed by some fearing that the brand image is dragged into the manufacturer abandoned, lost within a short period of time several endorsements, losses of millions of Hong Kong dollars.

hired Chen to do endorsements, China auto rental said, "is hoping star appeal and influence, further stimulate the public to ' rent ' the Green way to travel and a new concept of automobile consumption concerns, more consumers know, understand, rent a car and tried to rent a car, like car rental. "From this position, easily could see China auto rental desires to expand awareness.

But popularity and reputation is not always proportional as people would like, this is a precedent. In 2009, the Ma daruiyi to the cost of 20 million Yuan, Faw, hand in hand Beijing Olympic "gold" winners, "United States child prodigy" Phelps. Guessed that Phelps is not reliable, then broke a drug scandal, which Faw Mazda is very awkward. Although it's not the only reason duo wing sales are flat, but to work with young drug addicts, it certainly is one of the important factors.

, although Chen speak China auto rental, some calm, but there are a lot of people very resentful, "even attract casual users, you will not be so unbearable? "This also are should has national administrative college research Deputy Inspector humic by said of," like Edison such of Star, due to he of negative news many, by all if not too accept he, also may not too conducive to enterprise of marketing, but main also is by Enterprise himself assessment, is select Edison such of, also is more positive influence some of Star, enterprise to bear risk. "

Of course, Chen hopes to expand visibility of China auto rental have a choice do speak of rights and freedom, "fame and fortune" Chen would be happy to take this back to the image, a film that is both and, but as people, and also acceptable. However, China auto rental Chen mountain, media critics, which still is making "bad marketing" negative impressions, which published "12 animals of" advertising of Heng Yuan Xiang "' I'd rather be damned, do not want to be forgotten", has a similar service.

in fact, it is widely believed that myth rental venture Edison speak, expand awareness is not the ultimate goal of this risk. It was reported that on September 15, 2010, Lenovo holdings to meet China auto rental a total of 1.2 billion yuan, holding more than 51%, who actually controls the China auto rental. 2011 years ago net loss for the nine months up to 117.6 million yuan of China auto rental, in the voice before the plan was released, is listed in the US plan was announced in January. According to speculation, with Chen's name instantly set off media attention, China auto rental is create momentum for the initial public offering.

On the face of it, Mrs Chen's endorsement, which improves the visibility of China auto rental, however, to a large extent, China auto rental is at the expense of reputation to achieve this objective. Secretary General of China industry Union y this "wrong": "as Lenovo Holdings Company, because Liu is a solid entrepreneur, China auto rental do also exceeded market expectations. "National School of administration, Deputy Director of the Research Office of humic also believes that companies have chosen celebrity, to take into account the implications, just attention-grabbing marketing model, growth does not bring significant benefits to the enterprise.

So, from the perspective of marketing methods and marketing effectiveness, China auto rental and "pornographic" leading together, clearly some get rich quick, even the ability to expand the visibility and negative effects of contrast, dearly.
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