Sinopec: gasoline color differences not related to quality

Sinopec said today that color depth of gasoline do not represent the quality of. Nie Hong said Vice President of the company's Research Institute of petroleum, gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbon, formed by the production enterprises with the components required to reconcile. Gasoline color has no effect on gasoline combustion engine and gasoline nozzles, but must achieve a clear and transparent criteria. Gasoline combustion depends on the compatibility of hydrocarbon fuel requirements.
    recently, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces more engine failures, caused consumers suspect 93rd gasoline. Some netizens posted photos later showed, the same 93rd gasoline, Sinopec and China National Petroleum products there are obvious differences in color. Pale yellow former gasoline, gasoline is the transparent color of the latter. This compounded the doubts of the public.
    according to the State administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the implementation of the national standardization Management Commission May 12, 2011 motor petrol standard, on the appearance of gasoline specifications only without mechanical impurities and water, that is, "observed in the sample injection 100ml glass measuring cylinders, should be transparent, No suspension and deposition of mechanical impurity and moisture ". By the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, United States automobile manufacturers association and the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association in the developed world, such as fuel specifications, where unleaded petrol should look clear and transparent, no suspension and the settlement of water and impurities.
    Huang Wen-sheng said Sinopec spokesman, as of now, effective with Sinopec has not received any complaints. Even the media point to the yungui area, too. "Yunnan Yuxi only received on February 21, local customers questioned 93rd gasoline quality complaints, fault causes identified by the test vehicle for customers, and customers have been withdrawn. ”
    as to why color varying, petroleum and chemical engineering professor Wang Yanzhen explanation is given, first, the storage system is contaminated gasoline will become darker in color, when the dark this situation occurs when the damage to the oil tanks or pipes and, secondly, fuel is oxidized, color will darken, third, Sometimes people add the additive decomposition may occur in the presence of light, gasoline may also become darker in color.
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