Rent 5 vehicles for mortgage

5th, Manager of a car rental company will be embroidered with "Quick work, eager to" banner Tsui Bureau economic investigation team, sent to the public security, thanked the police for he defrauded two cars were recovered. Since 2010, the suspect of a continuous urban area 3 of the car rental company rented 5 cars, but who were later used for mortgages. At present, the police have recovered one of 4 cars, a case still at large.

according to the Manager, some in 2011 on October 6 and December 1, has rented out Santana 3000 and a Poussin cars, certain commitments in January 2012 and the return of vehicles. In January, Manager of contacts, a first for a variety of reasons to push, and shut down or not answer the phone. Manager onboard navigation system found that rent Santana 3000 was a long-term activities in rongcheng, and Poussin car are long in Rushan. Rongcheng, Manager to find the person driving Santana 3000, this was told this car has been a mortgage of 30,000 yuan. Manager contacted the Xu Rushan Poussin car drivers, that Poussin was a mortgage used to 41,000 yuan.

in February this year, another car rental company managers to Tsui Public Security Bureau economic investigation brigade police. Zhang described the company a modern car was rented by in February 2010, and there has been no restitution. Ask a manager more than the learned, the car has been a mortgage to 60,000 yuan.

economic investigation after police investigation, first found the user of 3 vehicles, vehicle recovery. According to the police, according to the provisions of the law of real right, not the owner, and the borrower signed mortgage contracts are invalid. In addition, it also has a car rental company in the urban areas with the same means cheated the Buick excelle, Citroen Elysee sedans each one. Buick excelle is a mortgage for 24,000 yuan, bei Gou police station, now the car has been recovered, while Citroen Elysee sedans are still unaccounted for. At present, the fugitive, the police have the Cyber pursuit.

Manager, Xu said, only in the Weihai region there are more than 10 car rental company, is very competitive, in order to get business, not only to reduce rent and try not to charge a deposit. Manager Xu was tricked by a two car received a total of more than 5,000 yuan deposits, and brave a cheat when modern cars, even without a penny of margin. According to the investigative police, car rental industry where there are many irregular, lawless elements is easy to abuse.

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