Oil quality not oil companies from talking to myself

&Nbsp;   in oil quality accident to occur, there is a great lack of supervision of the Government. Consumer losses, did not receive the compensation they deserve.

     recently, the abnormal engine fault in yungui area, performance as the engine too much Coke, gas flame failure, suspected 93rd gasoline quality. Some netizens posted photos of two oil companies 93rd gasoline, with the 93rd gasoline, different color. Due to the quality of gasoline frequently, it is reported that PetroChina has asked for purchasing gasoline from a social unit.

     oil product quality accidents have happened in recent years, Hunan, Zhejiang and Hainan and other places last year, vehicles used to detect problems oil failure. However this rarely seen strong involvement of government departments, oil product quality accidents mostly disappear. Oil products quality problem exists, and what is the cause of the problem, and who was responsible, and so on, are not clear. Public can see are only "two barrels" in talking about themselves. Finally, without exception all the responsibility is on the purchasing gasoline.

     quality of oil if it is out on the production of gasoline, public unknown; 10,000 step back and say, even if it is true, the key factor was "two barrels" of oil product quality control issues. For the loss caused to the majority of owners, "two barrels" clearly has an unshirkable responsibility. However, consumer complaints, failed to pay necessary attention to actions and consumer losses, as well as due compensation. Obviously, in oil quality accident to occur, there is a great lack of supervision of the Government.

     does not know that the abnormal stalling car trouble or a bad oil visible damage; invisible damage, is the exhaust pollution on public health. Last year, haze pollution triggers a nationwide attention, and PM2.5 improved conditions as a key, is to improve the quality of oil products. United Nations Environment Programme, a study showed that refinery equipment to invest $ 3 billion improving fuel quality, can bring in $ 25 billion in health benefits. To this end, Beijing is preparing to upgrade the current States of automobile gasoline standards to v, further reducing the sulphur content in gasoline for vehicles 5 times.

     country look, however, in addition to several big cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou are also being used at the States, State standards on the rest of the country want to use oil, may have to wait until 2014. I have to say is, "two barrels of oil" has a strong voice on fuel standards. According to reports, the 37 members of the Committee responsible for development of fuel standards, those oil companies accounted for more than 70%, and three others in the automotive industry, environmental protection system only two people.

     different from the color of the 93rd gasoline, people had to wonder, gasoline is question several times by accident or the norm? Whenever oil prices are high, people can't help comparing China and the oil prices. In fact, taking into account quality factors, these could not reach. Public have been wondering is, why increase our fuel quality are not on there?

     China product quality law explicitly stipulates, adulterate products, impurities, shoddy or substandard products as qualified product, shall be ordered to stop production and sales, confiscate the illegal production and sale of products and the illegal production and sales value of products 50% more than three times the amount of a fine constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Then, under the oil quality accidents, "two barrels of oil" should bear responsibility? Why the same 93rd gasoline, color varies, the authorities should come forward to test and explain to the public. After all, causing significant damage to the owners of oil quality accident, not a "two barrels" own business, not by "two barrels" talking to myself.

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