Oil prices window or tomorrow opened

Morning News (reporters Zhang Zhang) on February 8, the domestic prices of gasoline and diesel by 300 yuan per ton after, International crude oil prices will not be reduced.

for nearly a month, three crude rate highest of 8%.

on March 8, if crude oil trends continue momentum over the past month, prices of refined oil products window will open.

III weighted average rate skyrocketed to 8.2% last price adjustment has in the past 20 days, near the price adjustment "22 days" this sensitive conditions.

according to media reports, starting from mid-February, international oil prices soared, as of March 5, Brent, Dubai and Cinta three weighted average rate rise higher and higher, even up to 8.2%, to the highest level in nearly a month.

many industry insiders predict that if the March 8 International crude oil remains this strong trend, will lead to oil price developments so warranted.

price adjustment 97th oil or more than 8 Yuan "refers to prices of gasoline and diesel, it feels so flustered. "This is home to two private car public response, high oil prices, but also many common responses.

cars main Liu Mr said, currently Shenyang of 93rd, gasoline price for each rose 7.48 Yuan, 97th, gasoline for each rose 7.97 Yuan, No. 0, diesel for each rose 7.22 Yuan, according to past each rose of situation, each rose oil if again rose 0.2 to 0.3 Yuan, so, 97th, oil of price may will breakthrough 8 Yuan, 93rd, gasoline of price also will over 7.5 Yuan.

price floor time or delayed until after two sessions "If you do not consider the possibility of a military conflict, international oil prices will remain at current price levels in the short term there is a high probability, and long-term price trends are not particularly optimistic. "Director of the China Center for energy economic research at Xiamen University Lin boqiang believes that in the long run, once Iran a total ban on oil exports, the international oil prices will get some support, prices will reach $ 160 a barrel is not surprising.

but this does not mean that the possibility of future oil prices did not fall, as long as one party to make principled concessions, are likely to get a huge drop in international oil prices, said Lin boqiang.

interest-Wang Liao Kaishun, energy analyst told the media that, ,  for oil trading markets Saudi Arabia increased oil exports and the United States is ready to release oil reserves is bad news in the short term. Can its effect on the oil price is the size of the other countries in a very short period of time to make up for the lack of oil supply.

in the long run, taking into account inflation and price factors, oil price may not be at a high level, "  as long as no serious recessions in the world, should be able to maintain a steady upward trend in oil prices. ”

card Wang Li Mo, energy analysts say, although the price adjustment window will open, but due to a positive value during the two sessions, in accordance with the practice of the NDRC pricing, price floor time is likely to be delayed after the session.

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