Malicious damage insurance why not pay

Newspaper reports, Hsieh to Hangzhou, Wenzhou, and Porsche sports cars parked on the ground in the back side of the hotel the next day found that hood was cut a big hole. As CDW, Xie Xiansheng immediately made a report to the insurance company, but was told that it was malicious damage, are outside the scope of claims. With Mr Tse faced a similar, in the car parked for the night, morning side of the front window and rear window were smashed. Cover glass breakage alone, he'll file a claim, but the insurance company customer service ask for details call:  after "such a company will not be accepted. "Make, Yu had to pay themselves.

this case clearly illustrates that the buying auto insurance is not foolproof, subject to certain conditions in order to claim. If Hsieh's car suffered   "accident" was useless to buy car insurance, because insurance companies car insurance insurance responsibilities are concentrated in the collision, overturning, fire, explosion, collapse or fall of external objects, insurance vehicle in parallel falling, lightning, storms, heavy rains and other natural disasters, as well as in losses when the insured vehicle aboard a ferry. Vehicle damage caused by intentional acts of others, is within the exemption from liability.

in the car, too, due to malicious behavior is hard to define, and glass breakage is defined as the range of claims individually in the process of moving, car glass broken alone, the insurer shall compensate according to the actual loss. But the window was smashed, and the insurance will "help".

so, if the car damage caused by any intentional acts of others, is not insurance for motor vehicle owners to provide security? It is understood that although the previous insurer to launch a "malicious acts insurance of others", caused by other malicious acts insurance vehicle man-made scratches, a separate mirror and lamp damage, the insurance company indemnify in the insurance amount stipulated in the contract, but due to the risk it is difficult to control later can no longer continue. As things stand, only   "vehicle scratch risks" or in some way to another malicious act, causing car owners of artificial scratches a   "flexible" protection. As reported, more than 10 vehicles in the parking area in some district of Nanjing, was malicious in the night scratching. Afterwards, cover scratches insurance of vehicle owners learned from the insurance company's claims.

of course, reminded car owners is that the body was found, should try to protect the site, and promptly notify the insurance company survey will damage. Moreover, it is necessary to clear: vehicle scratches risk on   "no signs of collision of vehicle surface scratches" claim. If they do not meet this prerequisite, even bought the insurance is no good.

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