Large insurance claims necessary vehicle owner advance maintenance

&Nbsp;     even in the 4S shop to buy insurance, if it exceeds the allotted paid ceiling, also need to advance

     last week, the reporter received a Mercedes-Benz E300 owner calls. Owner Richard introduced on October 23 last year, his driving on his way home, vehicle accidents, through the city, rescue vehicle onto the 4S shop owners insurance maintenance. After waiting for more than 100 days, in late February, 4S shop informed his vehicle has been repaired, paid 400,000 yuan maintenance costs, and insurance companies after the loss amount (cycle of about two months) refundable advance. But Richard it is hard to understand, and journalists together with Richard to Beijing Hyundai 4S shop, the store head of insurance claims Manager gives an explanation.

     Manager: vehicle owners generally understood, in the insurance after the car accident on the 4S shops can lose, advances made from the 4S shop car repair service. But different every 4S shop, part of the luxury brand stores do not provide advanced because of the amount involved is relatively large. Advances from the 4S shop will typically set a ceiling, over how much money 4S shop, regardless of need owners their first advance. Another situation is, 4S shop and there is agreement between insurance companies, agreed more than (for example, 300,000 more than larger amounts of danger) fees must be paid directly to the user, this is to prevent fraud, such as money-laundering, in this case 4S shops can't give you advance.

     Richard: in insurance, said more than 100,000 yuan in advance, but why damage amounts did not come out, I paid 400,000 yuan.

     Manager: in front of your vehicle inspection, maintenance personnel are clear in advance the entire repair process?

     Richard: tell me more than 100,000 claims will be more trouble, but their advance.

     Manager: that is, repair officially entered the repair had been made before the obligation to inform in advance. Tell you about how much maintenance?

     Richard: it's probably about 200,000 yuan.

     Manager: this is no problem, because the repair before the quote can't be very precise, particularly luxury brand overhaul when a part needs to be replaced just spent tens of thousands of Yuan, can only be roughly estimated.

     Richard: I have a doubt is why documents loss slow down? 4S shop told me it was Pacific insurance (601601 shares), you need to report approved in Shanghai.

     Manager: Pacific (601099, unit) each branch headquarters under which insurance companies have different permissions, such as 100,000 yuan's case, Beijing can directly claim. But beyond this amount needs to be submitted for approval to the Shanghai headquarters, it requires a comprehensive assessment of prices throughout the country branch of the offer is reasonable.

     also, general maintenance of three hundred thousand or four hundred thousand Yuan belongs to the "crime", while insurance companies few people responsible for checking crime, review cycles long. Last pass the review team, somewhat similar to the functions of each discipline inspection departments in the company, which is used to monitor internal staff and dealers to fraudulent insurance acts.

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