Expert advice on how to repair automotive oxygen sensor fault

Oxygen sensor signal voltage as the most direct data reflect the condition of air-fuel ratio, is a very important reference in troubleshooting data. Closed-loop mode, oxygen sensor voltage is generally 0.1-0.9V. Typically, maintenance personnel use oscilloscope detection or electronically-controlled measuring instrument reads data from a stream. None of these diagnostic equipment in many small and medium sized repair shops.

in the case of no device, and how to repair an oxygen sensor?

made to the signal output of a light emitting diode and lift iron. When the oxygen sensor is functioning, each thick thin loop voltage LEDs 0.6-0.7V threshold voltage is reached, LEDs will shine again; if the mixture is too thin, light emitting diode does not light; if the mixture is too thick, led will lit if the oxygen sensor is damaged, President of bright or not bright.

check the oxygen sensor is good or bad, there is a simple and convenient method, in the oxygen sensor signal output from the battery cathode into a power line, led light so that they can form 0.6-0.7V analog voltage in a circuit. According to the working conditions of the engine is improved, we can easily determine the oxygen sensor is damaged.

If the oxygen sensor is bad, do not have to replace it, oxygen sensors and carbon deposition effects of lead in gasoline, while working in a long, grayish-white material attached in the outer wall, the common name "lead poisoning", it will affect the measurement accuracy. Oxygen sensors should be restored. Methods are as follows: the drive, the connector is fixed in 1 gear, pedal car speed suddenly release and repeat several times. Or remove oxygen sensor, oxygen torches on, until the burning white so far.

maintenance there are a lot of people will use LEDs as a test light, but there are not many real oxygen sensor is used to detect. Clever use of light-emitting diodes 0.6~0.7V threshold voltage characteristics, you can replace the oxygen sensors read data stream, set the oscilloscope operation. To quickly check out the air/fuel ratio conditions. In addition, analog signal 0.6~0.7V voltage, you can quickly diagnose the oxygen sensor is good or bad.

in the low-grade, high-load conditions repeatedly, for "poisoning" the reduction of the oxygen sensor provides the best catalytic environment. Under the high temperature burning oxygen torch, you can quickly restore.

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