Domestic car rental industry or overwritten

&Nbsp;    new Express News in the car rental industry: IPO when the battle, headquartered in Guangzhou, Ricardo car rental company car rental groups seized the opportunity to accelerate expansion. New express reporter recently learned that, the original 7 days hotel chain executives Li Chuntian airborne Ricardo car rental recently served as CEO, and recently announced that Ricardo rent this year's rapid expansion. Industry sources say, after this year's layout, Ricardo car or will be beyond extreme car rental, among the "North China, East and South King" of the first echelon of the car rental industry.

     It is understood that at the end of August last year, Ricardo car rental announced that internationally renowned venture in Guangzhou fuda and Sequoia billion injection of funds now have direction. Li Chuntian, said Ricardo 5000-8000 car rental cars in 2012 will increase investment, only in March, targeting 1000 new cars operating in the Guangzhou area, more than 30 new business outlets. And initially completed the Guangzhou base camp after the first deployment of regional brand, Ricardo car rental will be the additional vehicles, within 200% growth continues in South China.

     in the area put on, Ricardo officials express reporters, these vehicles the main market in South China, is expected to put in no more than 5 cities. It is understood that the Guthrie cards in the country only opened a Guangzhou, Chengdu, Changsha, three cities of the rental car business.

     Li Chuntian, said in the South China region after bigger and stronger, Ricardo will quickly penetrate other major cities across the country in the same way, and dense point to the layout in the same city.

     It is understood that Ricardo rent rise of car rental companies in southern China in recent years, has just more than 500 vehicles from the vehicle last year. Industry sources said once its completed layout in South China, domestic car rental industry is original or a situation of potential rewrite. North Canton three key areas are China, Hi, Ricardo car rental points and according to, the main battlefield of competition in the industry will shift to second-or even third-tier cities.

     third-party car rental comparison website "rent a car" said in new Express Reporter Li bin, the founder, Ricardo, after this year's layout, or into the first echelon of the domestic car rental industry. "China auto rental is currently about 26,000 vehicles, 66 cities with over more than 500 outlets; EHI released more than 10,000 vehicles, extreme car rental only more than 2000 cars. Ruoruika rent a car over 5,000 new cars during the year, probably beyond extreme car rental throughout the year. ”

    , however, Li also said that extreme expansion plans this year yet to be announced, as expected will expand the fleet, so the South China market "spot" has not yet reached a conclusion on the race results. In addition, Ricardo urban expansion in distribution in the South, and extreme is a national expansion in the North also have layout.

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