Deputies: compensation for car Super lives some people would prefer the crashed bus hit it

&Nbsp;    NPC Deputy ZENG Qinghong called for letting the car go "economic bomb"

     civilians driving luxury cars could lead to "hit a return", or even go bankrupt! Guangdong Province, representatives of the national people's Congress, the auto industry association, Guangzhou Automobile Group General Manager ZENG Qinghong presented on the improvement of relevant system settings and properly resolve "hit civilian cars," the recommendations, called for improving the related system settings, don't turn cars into "economic bomb!"

    /journalist Chen Xiang, Zhao Linlin, Quan Jie, Lin Xia Rainbow

     Washington, Zeng cited the recent "vehicle was hit" disputes: January 30, 2012 in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, a minor rub 12 million Yuan worth of Rolls Royce sedans, Honda Accord drivers take full responsibility for, the amount of compensation Rolls Royce car maintenance cost 350,000 yuan, Insurance company under the insurance payments after 162,000, accord owners need for 188,000 yuan of compensation fee, equivalent to the value of an accord.

     car man feared your privileged

     ZENG Qinghong said that China has become one of the world's fastest-growing luxury car market. Rolls-Royce's 2011 sales volume in China has exceeded the United States, China has become the world's largest markets for Rolls-Royce's sales; Bentley 37% 2011 global sales growth, sales in China are turning 1 time, 1839 cars Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and Maybach luxury car sales in China is also growing. Meanwhile, traffic accidents involving cars is also increasing, as the Accord into Rolls-Royce's traffic police said the accident, in the underworld Street before the accident, the last 50 days, he has had three crashes involving Rolls Royce.

     analysis of Zeng Qinghong, hit civilian cars why can't afford? First of all is the luxury car of Howe, followed by China's relevant risk settings and rational distribution of responsibility, without balancing the interests of all parties. Because of insurance and rate limiting, luxury cars and low risk, benefit small, all insurance companies are reluctant to underwrite.

     Zeng said, so that large numbers of cars on the road it is impossible to "economic bombs" to other vehicles formed a strong pressure of economic shock and awe, but also distorts the way the realization of equal rights of way. While, due to worried hit Howe car, many owners had to efforts avoid, objective Shang formed has Howe car of road privileges, twisted has road passage principles; on the, due to currently of personal death compensation is to social average income spending level 20 years calculation, amount but hundreds of thousands of Yuan, and Howe car car loss compensation amount gap great, objective Shang will caused lives than car worth of reality, this also on to avoid some vehicles rather hit to pedestrian also to away from Howe car, led to "hit Howe car than hit people" The twisted logic becomes a reality. Shortly before, the News reported, a driver trying to avoid cars around him, eventually rammed the bus!

     ZENG Qinghong suggested:

     luxury car owners to take on more obligations

     ZENG Qinghong proposed, first of all, is to improve the system through legislation to balance different vehicles equal rights and responsibilities. Is recommended the purchase of insurance coverage and premium increase to expand coverage; for car owners, it should undertake more obligations through system design and its, for beyond the average person's normal cognitive levels and the ability to pay that part of the risk, its main responsibility should be borne by all the car owners.

     in his view, to formulate a luxury car standards, increased car insurance or require luxury cars require the purchase of additional risk of a certain type, set the car side of the maximum compensation amount, exceeds this amount, the person responsible does not need to pay.

     ZENG Qinghong suggested that while insurance reform, perfecting the insurance system the whole setup. Insurance rate and premium rate should be more closely together, learning from foreign experience, expedite the implementation of risk "double force", and lifting of the main insurance claims Cap; establishment of a relief fund (similar to the domestic insurance relief fund has been set up, but needs further expansion of scope and scale). In an ordinary car cars and take full responsibility for the case, by the bailout Fund to pay for luxury cars and, in addition, should be led by the maintenance industry association and the Bureau set up a public adjuster company, put an end to car part profits, reduce the owner's expense.

     tips: the involvement of non-governmental organizations

     Xia xueluan, a sociologist, said in an interview with reporters yesterday, like traffic accidents, social security should bear the primary compensation costs, individuals should not take such an expensive cost, would avoid "civilian car" bump "cars" arising from a collision situation of poverty.

     "If is working-class occurred has such of traffic accident, may hard work lifetime are took not up compensation of costs, this will to personal and family brings huge of burden and effect, so, Government to play led coordination role, like, can consider use some public organization to assist solution, or for Regal,, advocates due some righteousness of heart, relief some compensation costs, requirements other apologized lessons,, In order to solve a similar problem. "He said, in addition, you can also consider some non-governmental organizations to undertake such work, to help coordinate, because just by economic conditions, not-so-good side to solve the problem, might afford.

     "like, can consider for some is unable to burden huge compensation costs of people, to fundraising, form to solution problem, and traffic management sector also can consider, let some non-government organization stepped in for coordination, makes accident party in means of range within for compensation, and police sector also can organization coordination out fair just of programme, decided who negative what responsibility, if other is compensation not up, can absorption public organization of participation, Coordinated together to solve problems.

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