Beijing Lottery taste bitter and we want to HOLD the rule blocking policy

Beijing Lottery rule blocking policy from December 23, 2010 to today, has been implemented for more than a year, a total of 14 lottery, produces about 260,000 indicator 2 months this year what changes will bring to Beijing's traffic, we must seriously consider.

Beijing Lottery new car used car rule blocking policy one size fits all approach, and the policy is issued just a few weeks time, and subsequent supplementary regulations are very strict, such as losing vehicles to participate in the lottery again, you can see rule blocking is determined. Around the auto market in Beijing has enacted policies, and these policies of the Government, involves the interests of all parties, several Jubilate is an inevitable fact of nature.

first is individual consumers, can be said to be the whole family, in order to be able to get a car indicator, all family members will play together, it's always heard Word: buying a car is difficult. Living in Beijing for the car House tickets are all pursuing the dream, but faced with the high cost of, our Eclipse. Then another 240,000 cars index, before people stop at, whether needed or not needed, because it is registered the previous result check percentage broke the record again and again, let those of us who really want to buy a car as an ordeal.

buy used cars must comply with the lottery policy, sorry if you didn't check, used car you can't buy. In this way, the used-car market and used car brokerage firms struggled with, needs to change its business strategy. But in the newly enacted policies on our used car dealer was very old when, after a 7 record, throw people out of the loop, dealers simply cannot afford to be on sale for most cars. But for the record car sales, used car prices have risen a lot, but due to the small number of profitable, many dealers finish last business initiation to Italy, have turned to other industries. Used car market into a dull period, but used car not meant to dull, Beijing, old vehicle scrapping or relocation subsidies, capital for the used-car market comes alive once again, one of the most significant amount of relocation is used car showed an increasing trend of development, has become a mainstream trend. The used-car market is the heartbeat, believe there will be more exciting waiting for us.

even if you have money there is no index, I'm sorry you still can't buy their own car, but if you want to drive to participate in a lottery is not the only way. Car rental along with Beijing Lottery policy enacted, derived from the original bud gradually became a huge industry chain, is naturally talked about topic. Since the lottery began, around us for advertising in a variety of car rental ads, blanket in front of us, in the face of demand for such a big car, rent a car will be the same, believe the car rental industry will also be fire, and now a lot of used car dealer also began to make a car rental business.

Beijing Lottery rule blocking policy and I think we all feel deep, consumer response was mixed, used car dealer a heartbeat like the roller coaster ups and downs, Nova development of the automobile market, we need carefully to taste, we HOLD all the time.

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